Remote Service

Remote Repair – The Fastest Service At The Lowest Price

  • We connect and fix your computer
  • We talk to you over the phone as we work
  • Relax and we will fix your computer

Rapid Response Computer Repair utilizes the latest technology to repair your computer over the internet.

Our state of the art software allows us to connect to your computer remotely from our office and fix any problems, as if we were actually sitting at the computer in your home or business.

No need to pack up and drag your computer to a computer repair shop for a simple virus removal.

How Does Remote Computer Repair Work?

Simply click on a link we email you. This enables us to remotely connect to your computer from our office. Once we’re connected to your computer you can leave and go about your normal activities, we will take it from there.

If you choose, you may also sit and watch as our computer repair specialist works. We are discreet and careful of you personal files and folders, we will only be accessing those areas of your computer that need to be repaired.

We work quickly to resolve all your hardware and software issues. After the maintenance has been performed we sever our active connection to your machine.

This is an industry standard process that’s completely safe.

Our remote connection software has multiple redundancy systems to protect your data. End-to-end encryption ensures transmissions cannot be hacked or compromised in any way. And once severed it is impossible for us to re-establish connection to your computer without your active involvement (granting permission by clicking email link).

Some of the computer problems that we can fix with remote repair are:

  • Viruses/Spyware/Printer Errors
  • Slow Performance
  • Software Errors