One full year Guarantee!

Rapid Response Computer Repair warranties its work for one year from the date of service. This includes any issues directly related to the work originally performed.

What Rapid Response Computer Repair Does Not Cover

We do not cover any issues due to physical damage, electrical damage, liquid spillage, neglect or misuse of computers and/or related devices. Rapid Response Computer Repair is at no time responsible for data and/or software lost and/or corrupted under any circumstance at any time.

Your Responsibilities

There must be an adult present at all times during an onsite visit. Any person initiating a remote computer repair session must be an adult 18 years or older. You are responsible for backing up your data prior to service, unless you have directed Rapid Response Computer Repair to backup your data beforehand.

You must supply all hardware and software necessary to complete services. All devices being worked on must be in good working order and meet minimum system requirements for compatibility.

For any on site service, you give Rapid Response Computer Repair full consent and cooperation in accessing your home or office where the work is being performed.

You must provide a safe work area with electrical power as well as immediate and adequate access to all equipment, power outlets, physical space and surge protectors. Any service related to internet connectivity requires that you have an active, working Internet connection.

Service Limitations & Liabilities

Rapid Response Computer Repair reserves the right to refrain from providing any requested service and instead refund your payment, whole or in part, if we determine your needs or requirements are beyond the scope of reasonable expectations as set forth in the terms of service.

Rapid Response Computer Repair services local areas of Florida, including: Sebastian, Treasure Coast. You warrant that you are indeed a local resident of one of these areas.

You agree and acknowledge that Rapid Response Computer Repair’s total liability for damages related to its services is limited to the total amount paid for the services, to the extent permitted by law. You release Rapid Response Computer Repair from liability for any indirect or incidental damages to any computers or devices.